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From an afternoon on the river bank to a fishing charter boat chasing marlin the pleasures of fishing are truly diverse. We take a look at different types of fishing; Coarse Fishing, Fly Fishing, Bone Fishing and Game Fishing. And we take a look at some of the world's best fishing destinations and fishing charter opportunities.

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Bom Bom Island Resort is located in the Guinea Islands off the west coast of Africa. Fishing wise it packs a lot of punch. It may be an adventure just to arrive here, but be certain, once one of the world-famous marlin or sailfish is fighting on your line, you'll see that the adventure has only started. You will also enjoy the heavenly views these small islands offer.

Caamano Sound, a two-hour flight from Vancouver, is located in British Columbia. Here you will find great scenery and ever biting fish. Visit in June and you'll have all of 20 hours of sunlight to reel in the finest halibut and salmon you have ever seen. Perks include a resident chef who cooks up masterful seafood spreads during your breaks and great ales on tap to wash it all down. You’ll need the energy these great spreads provide, as the fish here can fight anglers for over an hour, sapping their strength. It's all worth it though, if you manage to pull in one of the record near 60-pound salmon. Check out the angling off the coast of Renaison Island, where the biggest king salmon are to be found.

Forra River in Norway provides a landscape seemingly undisturbed by man and an opportunity to catch the Atlantic salmon of your dreams. These kings of the water are just waiting for you to cast your line in the vast expanses of Norway's north. The trips offered are for fly-fishers only and so your technique will have to be perfected in order to upgrade your catch from a standard 25-pounder to a 45-pounder. Be aware that this trip is for those who want to escape the urban life for something a lot quieter and there is little else along the Forra River other than prime fishing spots. To truly experience old-school fishing and outdoor living at its best, though, this is the perfect location. For environmental purposes, only four rods can be cast at one time, which guarantees you some real pleasant solitude.

Los Cabos on Baja California Sur, Mexico is home to more than 850 species of fish that live in the Sea of Cortez. Add beautiful white sandy beaches and plenty of non-fishing activities and Los Cabos is one of the worlds leading fishing locations. Thanks to a profusion of marlin, sailfish, tuna, mackerel, and triggerfish Los Cabos is one of the planet's most productive fishing areas

Marbella in southern Spain abounds with the simple pleasures of a Mediterranean fishing town. Along with only three other fishermen, you can kick back and enjoy what the Costa del Sol waters have to offer; that is gigantic red tuna and white marlin. An eight hour charter will provide you with plenty of chances to catch these prizes. Equipment is also provided and so you'll only have to worry about how you want your catch cooked; perhaps on the grill, marinated first, or Spanish style. Ensure you have the correct lure and line so as not to pass up the chance of catching a 400 pound tuna.

Pemba in Tanzania offers great fishing opportunities in ocean waters that are home to an amazing variety of rare fish. Pemba is an island 31 miles north of Zanzibar and offers a real getaway experience, as it is not a popular tourist attraction. Here, with the aid of enthusiastic local captains, you'll enjoy peace and quiet as you try out your lures for blue and black marlin.

Point Pleasant in New Jersey is handily located and expertly organised, fishing trips in the Garden State are top-notch. In particular, Point Pleasant offers the chance to catch some great big tuna and fluke, in a tranquil setting. In fact, you'll appreciate drifting along in the 20m charter boats almost as much as reeling in a beautiful bluefin, since Point Pleasant allows you to get away from the city without actually getting away. Catering can be arranged on the boats if you want some gastronomic fare to eat as you cast your line. Check out a bottom fishing tour, where hauling in a sea bass is a great experience.

Seward in Alaska offers unspoiled waters and the untouched beauty of the Great White North. And here you will find an angler's fantasy come true. The Gulf of Alaska's waters abound with marine wildlife just waiting to be spotted and caught. On one of several charter tours, you'll be taken out to deep waters, among whales and sea lions. Anticipate seeing salmon sharks, rockfish and lingcod, but the real prizes are the trophy-size halibut and silver salmon. Some of these fish have been known to surpass 100 pounds, and catching one on a daylong boating trip is not unheard of. With the customized vessels, knowledgeable captains and picturesque surroundings, a fishing trip to Alaska should definitely be contemplated. The great king salmon fishing grounds that occur in early spring and autumn annually are an experience not to be missed.

Tierra del Fuego, Chile is hours away from the busy Chilean cities and villages and you can test your fishing skills in one of the world's most stunning settings. Tierra del Fuego lies on the southern tip of South America, and the weather is unpredictable. But the fish never stop biting and wonderful opportunities await those anglers who enjoy a real challenge.

Weipa, in North Queensland, Australia is one of the best sport and fly-fishing opportunities on the Australian continent. In a country where water sports reign, Weipa is amongst the finest destinations because charters offer the best active and laid-back tours around. One choice is to wade waist-deep in the clear blue water and hope for a nibble from a barramundi or blue salmon. Or take the more adventurous choice and venture along creeks, rivers and coastal reefs to battle the notoriously testy red emperor, queenfish and coral trout. Whichever one you settle on make sure you bring your best tackle, as this location is one of the most testing you'll ever find. And you haven't had the full Australian fishing encounter until you've trekked along the coral beds and tried your hand at pulling out a beautiful giant herring.

Zanzibar an island just off the coast of Tanzania offers a unique fishing experience. The chance of a great catch makes most gravitate away from the beach where they embark on boats for the opportunity to catch a yellowfin tuna or striped marlin. Here you'll be guaranteed great weather, a memorable experience and some great seafood.