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Yacht Charter Vacations and Holidays in Venezuela

Los Roques | Puerto La Cruz

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A crewed yacht charter in Venezuela allows you to explore the unspoiled archipelago of Los Roques, one of the least known yacht charter areas in the Caribbean. The National Marine Park is one of the largest marine reserves in the world and includes unspoilt pristine beaches and great diving opportunities in a year round tropical climate.

The choice of yacht charter vacations/holidays in Los Roques, Venezuela is limited to crewed charter in either sailing yachts or motor yachts.

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Boat Hire and Yacht Charter Vacations and Holidays in Venezuela
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Venezuela Yacht Charter Vacations and Holidays and Boat Hire

A crewed yacht charter in Venezuela allows you to explore the unspoiled archipelago of Los Roques, one of the least known yacht charter areas in the Caribbean. The National Marine Park is one of the largest marine reserves in the world and includes unspoilt pristine beaches and great diving opportunities in a year round tropical climate.

Venezuela comprises a continental mainland and numerous islands in the Caribbean Sea. It borders Guyana to the east, Brazil to the south, and Colombia to the west. Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Curaçao, Bonaire, Aruba, and the Leeward Antilles lie just north, off the Venezuelan coast. Venezuela sits close to the Equator, in the Northern Hemisphere. With more than 1200 miles of coast on the Caribbean Sea Venezuela and Les Roques have a lot of secret spots with white sandy beaches, coconut palms and an underwater world that is home to five hundred species of fish and several different coral types surround these exciting islands.

Venezuela is not a destination for families with young children or for people who plan to bareboat from another location. Safety is a big concern in parts of the archipelago. As a matter of fact, in order to visit Los Roques, only crewed charters are available with several small charter companies owning the boats. Sailing Los Roques has been described as unforgettable. Snorkelling among the coral reefs is said to be amazing.

The entire archipelago is protected from the swells of the Atlantic Ocean by a 10 mile long coral reef. The Los Roques Archipelago is made up of more than 45 islands and cays located above the coral reefs in a ring around a central lagoon that is filled with mangroves and corals. This makes for calm waters and constant breezes. Snorkelling and diving are very popular here. The varieties of fish and coral are extensive making for a beautiful expedition. The flora and fauna are so diverse that the reef is a breading ground for many underwater species. There are great opportunities on a yacht charter to observe pods of dolphins and sea turtles at shallow depths. The entire archipelago has been a National Marine park since 1970's. Development and tourism have been strictly controlled and result is that there are no real modern amenities or high rise hotels that line the beach. Being on a yacht charter will give you a great opportunity to visit a new beach everyday and snorkel over a new part of the reef.

The local language is Spanish and English, German and French are also spoken to some degree. The US Dollar is used everywhere and major credit cards may be accepted in hotels, restaurants and some shops.

Getting to Los Roques is not as difficult as you might think. There are direct flights to International Simon Bolivar Airport, Caracas available from major cities throughout South America, the USA and Canada as well as London and other European cities. Flights to Grand Roque leave by mid afternoon, and in some cases you may not be able to arrive in time make the connection. Most charter companies will be very helpful in making all your arrangements once you land in Caracas.

Trade winds are steady throughout the year but vary in strength by season. The months of January to July winds tend to blow 20 - 25 knots with temperatures averaging around 25°C. From August to December the winds are lighter at 15 - 20 knots. Although there is no true rainy season in Los Roques, most rain occurs from July to November. Even then the showers are short lived and the sun soon returns. Los Roques is not in the hurricane belt like some other parts of the Caribbean and boats often take refuge here during the active hurricane season. See the following link for more detailed weather for Venezuela with monthly averages

Bone fishing is one of the most popular water sports in Los Roques and the archipelago has the reputation of being the best bone fishing destinations in the world. The great weather, water conditions year round and wading pool flats make this the perfect opportunity to give it a try. This is a true angler's paradise, a legendary place that every fisherman will want to experience. There are miles of pale, firm shallow flats that are filled with thousands of fish.

Diving in Los Roques is fantastic with its secluded reefs and abundance of marine life. There are several diving clubs in Grand Roque and a wide variety of dive sites, shallow reefs, perpendicular drop-offs, pinnacles, and caves. Many of these sites can be visited during night as well as the day, allowing the diver to witness different scenery and species in one place. Experienced divers consider Los Roques the ultimate Caribbean underwater adventure.

There are two main yacht charter bases and several main island groups to explore along the northern shore of Venezuela.

Puerto La Cruz is at the east of the northern coast and is the centre for yacht charter in Venezuela. You can easily fly from Caracas or Margarita to Barcelona Airport, 20 minutes from Puerto La Cruz. There 6 marinas and you can find all the services you need for your yacht charter. The coast and offshore islands constitute the Mochima National Park and Puerto La Cruz is also a good starting point for inland excursions. The Canaima Park and the Angel Falls, with a tropical rainforest, snowed covered mountains and a desert landscape is a must visit.

The sailing area from Puerto La Cruz to Grenada includes La Tortuga, La Blanquilla, Margarita, Mochima National Park and Los Testigos.

Los Roques can be reached with a 30 minute flight from the international airport of Caracas to Gran Roque. These are the only inhabited islands at the western end of the offshore islands and the yacht charter area includes Los Roques and Las Aves archipelago if you stay a third week or more.

Human habitation of Venezuela is estimated to have commenced at least 15,000 years ago. In the 16th century, when the Spanish colonization of Venezuela began, the indigenous peoples were systematically killed. Europeans first colonized Venezuela in 1522, when it hosted the Spanish Empire's first permanent South American settlement. Venezuela declared independence on 5 July 1811. However, a devastating earthquake that struck Caracas in 1812, together with a rebellion brought down the first Venezuelan republic. A second Venezuelan republic, proclaimed on 7 August 1813, lasted several months before being crushed as well. Sovereignty was finally attained after the Battle of Carabobo on 24 June 1821.