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Yacht Charter in Brazil

If you would like more information on a yacht charter or boat hire in Brazil please follow this link and complete the request form

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Brazil is one of the best kept secrets for a yacht charter holiday. There are hundreds of pristine islands to explore off the cost in Angra dos Reis and thousands of spectacular white sandy beaches. The yacht charter cruising area of Brazil is very secure.

There is an extensive choice of yacht charter in Brazil and includes; bareboat, skippered and luxury crewed yacht charter, dive charter, fishing charter, monohulls and catamarans and both sail and motor yacht charter.

Yacht Charter Directory
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Yacht Charter in Brazil
To request information on yacht, dive or fishing charter or boat hire in Brazil please click here and the complete the form.

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Brazil Yacht Charter and Boat Hire

Brazil is one of the best kept secrets for a yacht charter holiday. There are hundreds of pristine islands to explore off the cost in Angra dos Reis and thousands of spectacular white sandy beaches. The yacht charter cruising area of Brazil is very secure.

Whilst you will probably fly into Rio de Janerio don't be tempted to start your yacht charter from Rio, as the sea down to Angra can be quite rough. Having said that, consider an overnight stop on land at the start or end of your charter to see Rio de Janerio. Despite its incredible size, the city has kept the reputation of being the one of the most desirable cities in the world.

The territory of Brazil has been inhabited for at least 8,000 years. It is generally accepted that Brazil was first discovered and colonized by the Portuguese on April 22nd, 1500. Brazil has been a sovereign nation since 1822.

Brazil is an amazing blend of traditions. Walking about in a Brazilian city, your senses are thoroughly inundated with cultural traits that are uniquely Brazilian. Traces of European, African, Asian, modern North American and native Indian heritage all make their presence felt. What makes Brazil unique is that these varied influences have fused to create the modern Brazilian culture that is quite fascinating.

Brazil's climate varies greatly. Most of the northern part of the Brazilian coast is under the influence of north easterly winds that are strongest during the summer between December and February. During the winter months of March to August the wind blows from the south to south east. It can be challenging and difficult to sail down the coast this time of year. An eye must be kept on the weather as the winds can change direction without warning.

Brazilian summer season is December to May. In these months it is hotter and more humid than in the dry season with temperatures soaring to 35°C. Due to the high humidity it rains more during this season. June through August is considered the dry season. Temperatures are cooler this time of year with the average being 15°C.

The local language is Brazilian Portuguese although English is spoken in fairly widely. The currency is the Brazilian. Major credit cards may be accepted in hotels, restaurants and some shops. There are many places throughout the yacht charter area to obtain local currency. Electricity is 220V

Mobile phones are unpredictable while on the smaller islands off of Angra dos Reis. There are a few public phones located on each of the islands. There are no banks, cash machines, or money exchange offices on the islands. Visitors should plan to exchange money prior to leaving Angra dos Reis.

Water is potable and there are no water treatment facilities. Be sure to have full tanks prior to departure, as refilling may be difficult. Yacht clubs are usually welcoming to foreign visitors, with the exception of the Rio Yacht Club, where visitors are not at all welcome.

Prior to starting your yacht charter in Brazil you must pay a state tax in cash upon departure. The cost is 5% of the charter cost. If the charter is a crewed one, keep in mind the skipper and crew get paid cash as well. There are plenty of cash machines and banks located in Angra dos Reis and even at Marina Verolme, where many charters embark. If planning to bareboat please be aware that there is an additional cost for outboard motors.

The city of Angra dos Reis is about 90 minutes drive from the airport in Rio de Janeiro and is the starting point for most of the yacht charters in Brazil. The centre of the city has a few historical sites and a great number of churches and convents that are all very attractive. Angra is host to many yacht clubs and hotels, and is alive with fine food and a lively culture. The Marina Verolme is the base for many yacht charter companies and provides many amenities to sailors in a secure and. There are 365 islands located off the coast, one for each day of the year, and over 2000 beaches waiting to be discovered.

The island of Paraty is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with beautifully preserved colonial architecture. The region surrounding the city adds much to Paraty’s quiet beauty. The island is sheltered by Ilha Grande and is a magnificent rainforest paradise. Paraty boasts white sandy beaches, incredible nature walks complete with waterfalls and clear sparkling rivers. It is an inviting destination to drop anchor and stay amid the quiet and pristine surroundings. Enjoy walking through the picturesque historical centre and admire the houses with their colonial architecture. Paraty is one of the oldest cities of Brazil and much of the city remains as it was four centuries ago. Visit the historical buildings, such as the House of Culture with its painting collection and the numerous events and exhibitions. There are many local craft shops in which to pick up a treasure or refuel in one of the local restaurants. Many bars offer live. Saco do Bom Jardim is the best place for yacht anchorage to spend the night. Mooring at the pier in front of the city is not recommended due to the heavy local boat traffic.

Ilha Grande Bay was the period for countless battles between corsairs, imperial invasions and pirates between the 16th and 18th Today, divers have the rare pleasure of exploring one of the world's largest regions of shipwrecks including European Galleons. The "big island" is distinguished by a mountainous topography, lush vegetation and stunning beaches.

Abraão, the island’s main village offers shops, fine restaurants, a church, pharmacy, Internet café and nightlife. This is where you will find most of the commercial activity on the whole island. The bay is the most beautiful on the island and situated between high mountains and the sea. A great yacht anchorage if you are interested in a lively nightlife.

Lopes Mendes Beach is considered by many to be one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. This is the largest of the 107 beaches scattered throughout Ilha Grande. The waves along its beach of thin white sand are a Mecca for surfers.

Saco do Céu or Sky Sack is a terrific yacht anchorage that is very safe and particularly tranquil with cool breezes. At night you can see the stars reflected in the water. Sailors report that this is the best spot on the Ilha Grande to spend the night on board. The harbour is surrounded by mangroves and filled with plankton that glows in the night waters

Ilha da Gipóia has everything from beaches that are either populated or deserted to quaint villages with charming churches. Jurubaíba Beach is surely the one that bears the whitest sands on the Ilha da Gipóia. It is situated along a calm and safe bay on the north coast of the island and is the perfect place for those who enjoy meeting people. Anchoring along Praia de Jurubaíba is extremely crowded and very busy. Be sure to stock up on the seafood available at the floating bars or have it delivered to your boat.